Prepare yourself for a brand new way of experiencing racing games! As a never-before seen experience, Virtually Live presents Virtually Live Ghost Racing®: Formula E® – A racing game where you race against real drivers in real races in real time.

Take part in the intense and exciting Formula E® races on street tracks around the globe! You will not only compete against the actual drivers, but also the whole Virtually Live Ghost Racing® community. In this massive multiplayer racing experience, you need to be fast and apply the best tactics in the often unanticipated and surprising circumstances which comes with real world racing.

Virtually Live Ghost Racing®: Formula E® features constant new challenges, races and tournaments and a garage to upgrade and house your collection of cars.

Enjoy realistic graphics, customizable cars, tournaments and advanced community features. Explore different seasons and live races in race or watch mode from a new perspective, all narrated by a professional commentator!