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Virtually Live is all about fan engagement solutions both for live broadcast services, as well as consumer facing applications that gamify live sporting events. At our core we are an entertainment company enabling fans to virtually attend live events across multiple devices and platforms, creating experiences for fans that are more immersive, personalized, and social than ever before.

In today’s digital world, geography is irrelevant. We understand this and believe a connected fan is an engaged fan. Our innovative engagement capabilities drive even deeper fan conversations, and extend engagement far beyond passive consumption.

We are the proud developer and publisher of Virtually Live Ghost Racing®: Formula E® – Providing live racing for the first time ever in gaming!


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Virtually Live is offering the opportunity to be apart of so many firsts in the world of fan engagement through ground breaking technology.  Do you dream about working with some of the best digital and gaming minds in the world? This could be your chance to shine in the developing world of fan engagement through emerging technologies.

Explore your passion and be part of an incredible group of people working together for our fans!
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Virtually Live is an entertainment company enabling fans to virtually attend live events across multiple devices and platforms, creating experiences for fans that are more immersive, personalized, and social than ever before.

Virtually Live’s patented media technology creates CGI experiences by tracking live physical events and transposing the action into a rendered virtual environment.


Virtually Live’s technology is plattform agnostic and can be enjoyed via flully immersive VR, or on your mobile, PC or tablet. Unlike a 360-video feed, Virtually Live is also ready to embrace new upcoming viewing devices and technologies to be enjoyed in Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

The core elements of our event platform

  • Live racing for the first time ever ‘Virtually Live Ghost Racing: Formula E’ mobile game
  • A live, CGI viewing experience (multi-platform)
  • Enhanced linear broadcast offering (VR/AR)
  • Bespoke broadcast production tools
  • Chroma Key tool


Formula E Car

Virtually Live Ghost Raching®: Formula E®


Prepare yourself for a brand new way of experiencing racing games! As a never-before seen experience, Virtually Live presents Virtually Live Ghost Racing®: Formula E® – A racing game where you race against real drivers in real races in real time.

Take part in the intense and exciting Formula E® races on street tracks around the globe! You will not only compete against the actual drivers, but also the whole Virtually Live Ghost Racing® community. In this massive multiplayer racing experience, you need to be fast and apply the best tactics in the often unanticipated and surprising circumstances which comes with real world racing.

Virtually Live Ghost Racing®: Formula E® features constant new challenges, races and tournaments and a garage to upgrade and house your collection of cars.

Enjoy realistic graphics, customizable cars, tournaments and advanced community features. Explore different seasons and live races in race or watch mode from a new perspective, all narrated by a professional commentator!

Virtually Live Director

Virtually Live Director is a toolset that sits on top of our multi platform client oriented to the broadcast industry.

Feature highlights

  • Total control over virtual cameras
  • Timeline playback and event marking for fast replay analysis
  • Driver ID pointers and car racing lines
  • Selectable car /driver for comparisons of performance using enhanced data visualisations
  • Live Leaderboard (Timing, track and race control information)
  • Event notifications (Flags, accidents, overtakes)
  • CGI footage flying over 1 meter above track where names of the corners are shown
  • 20 meters high shot of the track
  • Zenithal point of view plane that shows the track in one shot.

Chroma Key

Virtually Live Chroma Key is a standalone tool for broadcast that places relevant information related to moving entity with a pointer over a realtime feed with little interaction of the broadcasters. The tool provides a Chroma Keyed mask that can be enabled or disabled by the broadcaster.

Feature highlights

  • Automated, AI-driven image recognition
  • Proprietary, software-based system eliminates need for expensive hardware
  • Reduces broadcaster production costs. Requires only limited staff interaction to operate
  • Customisable tracking labels accept a wide array of car information, telemetry data, and image files Seamless integration with existing telemetry sources and your production pipeline
  • Creates new ad inventory for your sales team. Tags accept advertiser logos

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